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"Where Hair meets Sisterhood" 

Welcome to the team!

Join us as we embark on a global journey to fabulous hair!

Choose the right space for you as a Hair Broker or Butterfly Hairstylist!


About Us

Welcome to Studio 92 Hair where beauty meets confidence and every strand tells a story. We are passionate about empowering women to embrace their unique beauty and express their individuality through the transformative power of hair extensions.

"Where Hair meets Sisterhood"

Meet Our CEO

Tiffany Hope is the dynamic and visionary CEO of Studio 92 Hair, where she has been instrumental in transforming the salon into a leading name in the beauty industry. 

Tiffany has launched several groundbreaking programs at Studio 92 Hair, including the Butterfly Hairstylist Program and the Hair Brokers Sales Team Program, providing unique opportunities for hairstylists and sales professionals.

Committed to professional development, Tiffany regularly conducts workshops and training sessions, ensuring that her team stays ahead of industry trends and techniques.

Tiffany believes in empowering her team, fostering creativity, and maintaining the highest standards of customer service. Her dedication to excellence and her innovative approach have made Studio 92 Hair a sought-after destination for both clients and professionals in the beauty industry.

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