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Hair Brokers

Studio 92 Hair introduces the Hair Brokers Sales Team Program, an innovative and rewarding initiative designed for dedicated sales professionals passionate about the beauty industry.


This program offers an exceptional opportunity to earn substantial commissions while working with our extensive network of salon partners, VIP clients, and our diverse clientele.


Join the Hair Brokers team and become a key player in driving the success and growth of Studio 92 Hair.


Program Overview

Commission on Hair Extensions Sales from Salon Partners

Commission on Hair Extensions from VIP Leads

Commission on Services Sales to Our Clientele

Comprehensive Sales Training

Marketing and Promotional Support

Collaborative Environment​​​​​


 Commission on Hair Extensions Sales from Salon Partners:

Lucrative Earnings:

Earn attractive commissions on every sale of hair extensions made through our network of partnered salons.


Extensive Network:

Leverage our established relationships with top-tier salons to maximize your sales potential and income.


Commission on Hair Extensions from VIP Leads:

Exclusive Access:

Benefit from exclusive leads to VIP clients seeking premium hair extension services.


High-Value Sales:

Increase your earnings through higher commission rates on sales generated from our distinguished VIP clientele.

Commission on Services Sales to Our Clientele:

Diverse Client Base:

Access a broad and diverse client base seeking a range of hair services.

Service Commissions:

Boost your income by earning commissions on all hair services sold to our valued clients.


Comprehensive Sales Training:

Expert Training:

Participate in specialized sales training sessions designed to enhance your skills and knowledge of the hair industry.


Ongoing Development:

Stay updated with the latest sales techniques and industry trends through continuous professional development opportunities.

Marketing and Promotional Support:

Brand Backing:

Benefit from Studio 92 Hair's robust marketing efforts to promote hair extension products and services.


Sales Tools:

Access a suite of marketing materials and sales tools to support your efforts and increase your success rate.


Collaborative Environment:

Team Collaboration:

Work alongside a team of passionate and driven sales professionals.


Networking Opportunities:

Expand your professional network and build valuable connections within the beauty industry.

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